Mango Revolution brings together our years of experience in delivering sustainable change in all sizes of business, and helps you and your team to navigate through it successfully.

Helping firms across all industries to navigate through and deliver sustainable change.

We’re entering the 4th industrial revolution, the cyber age, the age of the robot. Industries far and wide are being disrupted. And tech, by driving this multi-industry disruption, is growing at a pace not seen since the days when Henry Ford pushed forward mass production.

As Heraclitus once said, ‘nothing is permanent but change’. It’s true, change is all around us, especially when growing a business.

When left to its own devices, Change can so often lead to cracks that can disrupt your business down the line. Like a sub-standard culture. Or poor service to customers. Employees deciding to leave. Differing demands and priorities across the business that just slows everything down. Conflict. Confused messages. Delays in delivery. The list goes on.

Therefore, it’s crucial to get ahead of change. To plan for it. To manage it. And to embrace it.

Developing and embedding genuine culture.

Culture happens whether you plan it or not. It’s what defines you. It’s what your business feels like.

And in an age of choice for people, culture is increasingly finding it’s way up the requirements list when they choose a firm to work for. They want the values and principles of their employer to align to their own. If they don’t, they won’t perform, or they may leave. If they do, they’ll thrive. And they’ll help you to achieve more.

Equally, the best recruiting weapon in your armoury is your own people. With a great culture comes the ability to become a magnet for talent.

Our team help a number of tech and non-tech firms in their pursuit of great culture, recognising that the journey to great culture is as important as the end goal. Highly experienced in business culture and change in all sizes of business, the Mango Revolution team can help you to develop great culture, or repair bad culture if it’s already in existence.

Working in a highly involving and engaging manner, a mixture of workshops, coaching and stream management together with great insight and attention to everyone’s individual change cycles and preferred behaviours, are used to help deliver truly sustainable improvements to your business.

Preparing for the 4th industrial revolution.

Every single Dev Ops consultant will say it. Most IT departments will agree. ‘Culture’ is the biggest blocker to digital transformation.

But the mistake so often made by firms who are responding to the onset of the cyber age and trying to steer their own business through this digitisation is to see it as an IT task. And then convey surprise when broader business engagement is lacking, and progress slows.

The reality is, true transformation has to start with culture and strategy. The ‘why’ we’re going in a certain direction is as important, if not more, that the ‘where’ we’re going and ‘what’ that looks like.

Helping businesses to prepare for transformation, Mango Revolution are well placed to work strategically with you to get people ready, at all levels in your business.

Before selecting the end goal, think about the journey, and make sure your people are on the bus with you.

Sharing insight and innovations.

As a team who are constantly improving and learning ourselves, we are able to share with you and your team the latest insight and innovations around people that might give you food for thought as part of strategic planning/discussions. The latest HR/Recruitment tech, the advances in organisation design and governance, innovative and interactive ways to reward and recognise the achievements of people, developing truly great cultures, strategies to help retain and develop great people without doing the same things that every other firm are doing. We’re happy to join discussions and debates and give you an insight in to global people innovations that you might otherwise not be aware of.

Coaching, advice and support.

Sometimes being a business owner/leader can be a bit isolating, especially in the start up and scale up days. Collaboration and debate are crucial in ensuring your plan is right. If you just need a sounding board, or would like a form of NED support from people specialists, we can help with that too. And not just about people, but strategy development and change management too.

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