Our disruptive, non-commission based approach to recruitment is helping tech firms to stand out from the crowd and attract (and RETAIN!) the best people.

The name is a bit of a giveaway really. Mango Recruit2Retain (R2R) is a recruitment set up that puts as much focus in to retention as it does recruiting in the first place. See us as your in-house recruitment function, working to address urgent ‘active’ demands whilst developing the necessary framework and profile to help you get ahead of the curve, making recruitment an enabler to growth, not the inhibitor it so often can be.

No commission charges:

We charge flat fees per month to take care of recruitment, giving you a forecastable and consistent spend that will deliver significant reductions in spend vs. using recruitment agencies.  Plus, because our team are not driven by commission themselves, there is no incentive for them to try to ‘poach’ your staff next year to place elsewhere.

Stand out from the crowd:

We know how to make you stand out as an employer. In a low candidate supply market, this is more essential than ever. By selling you and your brand to future hires in the same way you’d market yourselves to prospective customers, and backing this up with a really attractive employer value proposition (the reasons why they should choose you over another firm), we help you become a magnet for talent, which grows stronger and stronger over time.

A sniper approach to recruitment when the scatter gun doesn’t work:

With only 0.5% unemployment in Tech, the reality is that the best people are usually not on the market. We need to find them proactively. And that takes a smart approach. Combining research with innovative tech and the power of your own people, we not only ensure your existing roles are well placed to catch the eye of great people, we also find, approach, nurture and connect promising people with you.

Reduced time burden:

As your firm continues to grow, focus is on product, on cash, on people and on customers. The bigger a time drainer recruitment is allowed to become, the less time is being invested elsewhere, creating the risk that recruitment starts to inhibit growth. By allowing us to take care of the bulk of the work, we ensure that the time you do invest in recruitment is really worthwhile, and with great candidates.

Highly innovative and agile:

Let’s face it, recruitment as an industry is being disrupted. The age of the CV is nearing an end. AI and Bots will automate a lot of task meaning agencies can no longer justify high commission charges. Candidate experience is more and more important as they have an increasingly wide range of firms to choose between. We’re at the cutting edge of this disruption, working closely with a number of those very firms who are digitising recruitment, whilst spearheading the cultural shift that will connect hiring firms directly with people, cutting out the middle-man.

Significantly cheaper over time

The maths is pretty straight forward really. With commissions ranging from 12-35% of salary per role fulfilled, and salary inflation driving higher and higher starting salaries, thousands of pounds a year are spent by scaling tech firms to recruit people. With no effort to then give candidates a great experience and to help firms in retaining people long term. By moving to a fixed cost partnership model, you know what your overheads are, and can feel comfortable that we are able to flex up and down with demand. Because of our extended partnership model, because of our highly experienced and growing team, because we work with so many tech clients on the same issue and because we cover the full cycle of people in tech, we know what works, and we can help you to navigate recruitment in a more proactive and value adding way, as we are already doing so across the UK. Simple!

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