A highly experienced and innovative team of HR Professionals who understand the pains of growth and can help navigate you through them.

Why HR?

What’s the second biggest cause of business failure after not having enough cash? Wrong product? Wrong brand? Competition?

No. In fact, it’s people. Not having the right people at the right time. Not being able to keep hold of great people. People taking the business in the wrong direction or not playing their part.

As businesses grow, success is less down to the founding team, and more to do with how your team grows with you. Great business culture. Attractive rewards and recognition plans. Inspiring and empowering objective management tools. Bespoke career development planning. The list goes on.

Great HR is not about stepping in when things go wrong, though it’s important to know you have that experience at your side if and when it does. In fact, great HR is about planning people as you would cash, products and marketing. As the second biggest contributor to failed business ventures, HR should be considered from day 1 to help you navigate growth in a successful way

Why Mango HR4Tech?

Well, the name gives it away really! Mango HR4Tech is an outsourced HR function specifically for tech. With years of experience working in small, medium and large firms across multiple industries, the team bring to your table heaps of knowledge, ideas and capability together with a deep understanding of the various pains and needs as tech firms grow, meaning we can work in partnership with you to help you get ahead of the curve when it comes to people.

Navigating the pains of growth:

As a standard, there are 4 stages of growth for any firm, in any industry:

1) Start up

2) Scale up

3) Established

4) Mature

Each company will move through this cycle at different speeds, depending on many factors. The people challenges that come with growth vary in type and scale at each stage.

We have our own solutions to suit each stage, using our own ‘seed to success’ people plan to partner with you at every stage, scaling with you, and ensuring people are at the heart of your success always. Quite often the ‘pains’ you’ll experience with growth are pre-emptible, and therefore preventable with a great people plan. Others are unforeseen, so knowing you have a highly skilled team who have faced most issues before primed to help, gives you that sense of confidence and control with people that will become more and more important as you grow.

Securing strategic and operational HR for less than the cost of a mid-level HR Officer/Manager:

With HR4Tech you don’t just get one HR Partner, you get access to the full team. That means specialists for all types of HR, such as Culture, Rewards, Employee Relations, Development or Compliance. And it means you also secure the input of hugely experienced HR Directors who can help you to develop a robust and proactive people plan to support your firms’ growth, being the voice of people in a busy and ambitious business! At the end of the day, if you’re not a specialist in HR, it’s difficult to know what good looks like. With us, you’ll always know how high the bar should be set, and how to improve every year.

Innovative, interactive and engaging approaches:

With a core value of ours being to ‘learn something new every week’, our team spend a great deal of time researching new ways of working, evaluating what works and what doesn’t, bringing these lessons to the table for all of our clients. Be it real time ‘objective key results’ (OKRs) to replace the dreaded annual appraisal, or interactive recognition tools, proactive reward benchmarking to make

sure you don’t lose great people over a slight pay issue, or transparent and engaging development frameworks to help you get the best form everyone, we don’t do traditional … we do disruptive. We do it right.

Standard packages or bespoke plans – the choice is yours:

Depending on your needs, we can offer a standard set of packages designed for different stages of growth, or we can develop a bespoke plan for you. We balance resource vs. cost to suit your position, and can flex up and down with ease.

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