HR Process & Compliance Bundle

£350 + VAT

Tailored for:
Start-ups and small teams

For the fixed price of £350 + VAT, one of our friendly qualified People Consultants will spend time with you on-site covering compliance and hiring.

By the end of our time with you, you will have the following in place:
* Bespoke offer of employment template
* Bespoke contract of employment template (and Contractor if applicable)
* Team GDPR compliance
* A basics of employment law crib sheet
* Essential policies that you can brand up
* Cultural team handbook template for you to brand up & promote
* Health & safety risk assessment
* HR system to securely store team data (option of free or starts at £2 pm pp)
* Right to Work in UK process
* Onboarding checklist/basic process
* Hiring plan- i.e. how you’re going to hire e.g. networks, adverts, interns

We also have partners that can provide payroll and benefits services.

How we work

We’re an experienced and creative bunch! We’ll ensure your legally compliant but enable you to add your cultural touch. We won’t turn up with a 100-page policy document, but we will ensure you have the essentials in place to be legally and ISO compliant. We regularly review HRTech and can recommend different solutions to help you be efficient as possible (i.e. onboarding tools, HR systems).

We Build Bots recently used this service, and this is what they said…

“As a rapidly growing start-up, the process of on-boarding multiple employees in a short space of time felt incredibly daunting. We asked Mango to spend time with us setting up basic HR processes. After creating employee contracts and policies, they also advised us on best practices and assisted in the setup of People HR which we now use as part of our day to day whether it be for booking holidays, inputting expenses or storing confidential employee data.

We are now equipped with the resources we need to manage HR in-house with the option to call on Mango as and when. This is an incredibly streamline and cost-effective way to manage HR as an early stage start up. Mango have had endless patience and are always on call to help in any way they can. Thank you, Team Mango, I’m not sure what we would have done without you!”

Note: Our Consultants will spend approx. 3 hours on-site with you and complete the remainder of the activity off-site. During this time, we’ll need someone on standby to ask questions (e.g. how much holiday, sick, notice etc). Payment terms are 14 days from completion.

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