What we do

We have 3 clear service offerings that cover the full cycle of people in tech, which can be initiated either individually or as a collective offer, allowing us to respond to the priority people demands at any given point.

1. Mango HR4Tech

An outsourced HR partner that can scale with you, offering the full range of HR services in an innovative and value adding way. The team balance both immediate demands with the need to develop and pursue a proactive people plan that supports your strategy.

2. Mango Recruit 2 Retain

A non-commissioned, intelligent approach to recruitment in tech where we become your ‘in-house’ recruitment function, helping you to stand out from the crowd and recruit in a much more cost effective and successful way, whilst saving you time.

3. Mango Revolution

Experts in change who can help you and your team navigate through periods of change, transformation and disruption, e.g.; the implementation of leadership teams when scaled, investment DD support, culture and effective team working and strategic repositioning.

What sets us apart from any other HR or Recruitment firm that you may come across, aside from our more cost effective and innovative way of doing things, is our ability to seamlessly move between the different stages of people demand you may have. Potentially starting with a burning recruitment demand, we are then instantly able to respond to a need to support reward, or culture, or to help manage a period of change, or to support the development and retention activities that help you keep the people you have, etc.

And because we work in partnership with you, rather than respond to isolated demands, we are able to take a holistic view, giving proactive guidance and feedback at all times as your HR Director and broader HR team.

What are we talking about?

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