We are closing in on our first full year working in partnership with Signable, a fantastically innovative Bristol based firm who are digitising contract and document sign off in a move that is proving to be a welcome and long overdue innovation for thousands of firms.​

Since conception in 2009, CEO Olly has guided his firm through significant growth, growth which in turn has seen the Signable team expand each year.​

Recognising that people make all the difference, Olly recruited the Mango HR4Tech team to fully out-source all HR activity in August 2017, and hasn’t looked back since!​

With progress made on a number of fronts, from the boring but essential tasks like compliance, to much more value adding activities like behavioural profiling, team building, rewards and retention strategies, and, more recently with support from Mango Revolution, exec level coaching, the relationship continues to flourish. We look forward to continuing to helping Olly and his team achieve their goals!

We are a growing company and had been ‘managing’ HR internally but as I was doing a lot of things, HR just wasn’t a priority, even though it should have been! I was wary of using an external HR company because the vast majority are stuffy, corporate and just don’t fit our culture. Mango fit us perfectly!

They are friendly, down to earth, personable yet also know their stuff! We have been working with Christina and the team for nearly a year and the change has been dramatic and not just the traditional hiring/firing side of HR. We have clear objectives and plans to improve the company via proactive HR. The company is continuing to grow and without Mango we would be struggling!



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