Mango are excited to be working with the brilliant Erlang Solutions, a multi-national tech firm based in London with offices in Krakow, Budapest and Stockholm, and presence across the globe.​

​The challenge of embedding and sustaining great culture in such a culturally, nationally and behaviourally diverse organisation was the catalyst for Mango working with Erlang on a culture initiative under our Revolution change arm, supporting their leadership team in the journey of change and in developing and sustaining great culture.​

​After a successful programme, we are really pleased to have extended this relationship to a broader objective of helping Erlang with employer branding, appraisals and team dynamics, recruitment and culture as part of a long term partnership​

With Mango’s diverse range of experience and skill, including international HR, and our very own multi-national team, Erlang are able to tap in to a huge range of capability and experience from all walks of life, and benefit from a well thought through, proactive and transparent plan that both navigates the journey of change on multiple fronts, whilst responding to business priorities such as the end of year appraisal process.

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Life at TEAMango

Life at TEAMango

As the train pulls away from Cardiff Central and soon enough the Bristol countryside whizzes into view, I use this time to kick back and reflect on a busy day. A newly assigned client is buzzing with ideas on how to improve on-boarding, as well as boosting their...

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