One year as a Mango

It’s a cliché, but I have no idea where the last year has gone at TEAMango, so am taking this time to reflect back on the last 12 months. As a company, we’ve welcomed 3 additional team members, celebrated TEAMango’s 5-year anniversary and refreshed our values and branding. More recently with COVID-19, I’ve really come to appreciate my colleagues even more and how we’ve supported one another during this difficult time with humility and transparency. Some key learnings from the last 12 months:

See self-reflection as your friend

Consultancy is a bit manic at times and I often reach Fridays with a newfound appreciation for my weekends. You’re actively encouraged to organise your week so you have time dedicated to self-development and reflection. Soon after starting at TEAMango, I discovered C-me, a behavioural profiling tool that raises your self-awareness by understanding your own behavioural preferences, approach to work and collaboration with others. We frequently use it within our team and our clients, which is great for building relationships using common language that means we avoid labelling people or putting them in “boxes”. The accreditation day was insightful and a great opportunity to network within the beautiful surrounding hills just outside Bath.

I’m learning to jump higher

If you’ve checked out the TEAMango website, you’ll know this is a core value for us. It’s about being the best you can be and pushing the boundaries. I always feel like I’m breaking new ground, I have wonderful coaches in the TEAMango founders, and there is a strong desire to help you as an individual. Nearly 2 years after completing my CIPD qualification, I found myself back at UWE completing a course on Leading Change, thanks to the support from TEAMango. As a team, we’re always sharing books, articles and podcast recommendations, as well as debating hot topics. I personally love hearing case studies at a more practical level which is always inspiring.

You need to love hamburgers

Disclaimer: – supply of hamburgers is not a TEAMango perk. It’s all too easy to jump into task, or as we call it the “What”, without thinking about the “Who” first, so we have the right people on the bus. This requires good stakeholder management and a proclivity for being curious – it’s how we build knowledge of the business and discover where we can add real value. We take this so seriously that it’s one of our core values. Want to know more? Check out Good to Great by Jim Collins (one of our favourite book recommendations).

I can’t end this without mentioning our clients, they’re like an extended family to TEAMango and help us to raise the bar too. Even on challenging days, there is a team spirit and appreciation for the work we do which is so rewarding. I had many misconceptions about the world of consultancy before I made the leap to TEAMango, some of which are true – it is a tough gig, but working with an all-star team, the sky is the limit. So here’s to the future!