Life at TEAMango

As the train pulls away from Cardiff Central and soon enough the Bristol countryside whizzes into view, I use this time to kick back and reflect on a busy day. A newly assigned client is buzzing with ideas on how to improve on-boarding, as well as boosting their recruitment processes and I find myself feeling energised once again about the initiatives to come!

Looking ahead at my week, there’s recruitment projects, learning & development strategies to create and culture/engagement projects with my 3 different clients dotted around Bristol and Cardiff – it’s all go go go!

Two months ago, I left my stand-alone in-house HR Manager role in search of a new challenge. Having worked for a scale up and other SMEs over the last 5 years, I relished the chance to add value to tech companies truly invested in raising their People game. At first, I was worried I wouldn’t enjoy it, or fit into the world of consultancy, but those reservations where blown away after the insightful and enthusiastic conversations with TEAMango’s CEO Sarah and the team!

As a People Experience Consultant, it’s taken juggling to a whole new level; it’s fast paced and full of opportunities to build strong foundations to dynamic and growing start-ups. You’ll be buzzing off the enthusiasm our clients have for building a great culture and wanting to stand out from the pack. Yes, it’s hard work. Yes, it’s a varied day. But you’re making a positive impact to many, every time! And, when you need a helping hand (because at TEAMango, we know we don’t have all the answers), there are weekly team check-ins, bi-weekly team meetings and 1:1 coaching sessions to collaborate, share ideas and offer support so you can bring your best every day.

There’s a strong sense of team-work. Although we work remotely with clients, your TEAMango colleagues are only a slack, call or email away, and there’s an abundance of experience in the team to draw upon. Regardless of what is going on in our days, we find ways to keep in touch.

Being on the “front line” with our clients, we can quickly spot opportunities to improve our company operations to add even more value to our clients and beyond. Opportunities which are welcomed with open arms by the TEAMango founders, which is refreshing every time.

Although I consider myself a real people person and love being in the buzz of the central Bristol Runway East offices, as a consultant, working flexibly when I need to is a doddle – as long as I let the client know and deliver results. Empowering others to thrive is reflected in TEAMango culture and the culture of their clients.

It’s been a huge learning curve and I’m so excited about the future with TEAMango and what’s to come!

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