Myth buster -HR happens when we have a problem!

Amazingly HR is still often seen as the fire fighters, who help out when things aren’t going well with performance or absence for example.

This perception often comes from previous interactions with HR departments and the media doesn’t help! I was watching the film Boss Baby the other day with my daughter and there’s a scene where a baby employee is crying. Boss baby exclaims ‘Where is HR when we need them’!

True, HR does have expertise in dealing with difficult issues and conflict. However, we’re actually better utilised to consciously plan activity that’s focused on empowering people and creating an amazing experience in the workplace. This planning prevents issues in the first place and fundamentally enables the business plan to succeed.

That’s why we are now called TEAMango rather than Mango HR. Our decision to remove HR is to send out the message we’re not a traditional, reactionary consultancy.

Ultimately HR is about empowering and enabling people, which in turn helps firms Survive and THRIVE.