Star Partner: Pillar AI

This month’s ‘star partner’ is Bristol based ‘Pillar AI’, an exciting, high potential firm who are looking to take chat bots mainstream!

Pillar AI, co-run by CEO Chris Booth and CFO Matt Goss, are a incredibly personable (and very clever!) team who designed and built our very own chatbot in less than 2 weeks (check it out at and recently won a pitch event sponsored by ‘Go Compare’ at Cardiff’s Digital Festival.

The value of chatbots to businesses going forward is going to be huge, once everyone accepts that bots themselves are not there to replace humans. They’re there to improve service, experience and effectiveness. And we see a big place for chatbots in the world of HR and Recruitment. Slicker communication and real-time information access. Human time focused on the right things rather than basic administrative tasks. Improved onboarding experience for new starts. The possibilities are endless.

Pillar AI are at the forefront of this technological advancement. Check them out at

We sat down with Matt after Digital Festival where they spent the full 2 days with us. Here’s what they had to say:

Question: Tell us all about chatbots then.

Have you ever used WhatsApp to send messages including emojis, videos and pictures? Chatbots work the same way but you are conversing with software. Say hello, and the chatbot replies instantly.

Want to order a pizza? Chat to the Dominos bot on Facebook messenger. How many holidays do you have left? Ask the HR bot for an instant reply.

It’s as fun and easy as using WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Slack.

Question: Why do you see such value in this technology for industry?

It is now possible to truly engage your audience with a two-way conversation. Whether it’s in Marketing, Sales or Support, users are demanding personalised engagement and they want it delivered around their busy lifestyles.

In Customer Support users can reply when it suits them and pick up the conversation without having to re-explain themselves. New customers can get to the products they want quickly, just by asking about them. Marketing content is tailored specifically to them.

Question: What benefits do you think they’ll bring to the world of people, through application in the world of HR and Recruitment for example?

We are seeing a transition away from email. Recruiters are keeping in touch over Messenger and teams are communicating using Slack. Chat Bots are the next step.

On Slack you can @ message HR to ask when your expenses are being paid or to upload a receipt. It’s instant and much easier than logging into a web portal. Need further help, say so, and someone from HR joins the conversation seamlessly.

People visit HR for information or a resolution to a problem that is specific to them. It’s faster to ask a bot than to read an FAQ.

Question: What challenges have you experienced in getting people and firms to embrace this technology, and why do you think that is?

The technology and expertise required has been beyond the financial means of most small and medium companies. Pillar has made this accessible and affordable.

Companies are waking up to the power of using Chat Bots in their outbound marketing, sales and customer support. It’s not Humans vs Artificial Intelligence, rather human and AI working together to provide a better service than either could individually.

Question: What does the future hold for Pillar AI? What do you hope to achieve in the coming year?

Our passion is in empowering businesses with technology they couldn’t access before. It’s about delivering success for their business with measurable results – not just tech for its own sake.

This year, Conversational Marketing is taking off in the B2C space. We are looking forward to many happy customers in 2018!

Question: Finally, if you had to be one of the Mango mascots, which one would you be, and why?!

We like Eight-bit, the cool Mango Robot. Full of personality, abundantly capable and available to help 24/7.