Introducing Demitrie and Eight-bit: Mango’s new services are officially launched!

In May we officially launched our 2 new services, Recruit2Retain and Revolution. Complimenting the core part of our business, HR4Tech, we are now able to seamlessly and efficiently help growing Digital firms of all sizes and types with all things people. A point of difference vs. any other HR or Recruitment Consultancy operating in tech that our rapidly growing client base across the UK is already benefiting from.

With access to and retention of talent consistently being reported as the major problems faced by the UK’s rapidly growing tech industry, the people agenda is now as important, if not more, than that of branding, product and capital. People can’t be an after-thought. They can make or break your business.

Our mission at Mango is to take HR & Recruitment in to the digital age. That means scrapping traditional ways of working that no longer work, like the dreaded annual appraisal, commission based and reactive recruitment practices and restrictive policies and procedures, and replacing them with highly innovative, fit for purpose and value adding solutions that enable people to become the driver, not inhibitor, of growth.

And in true digital style, we have a team of mascots that support our business. ‘Milo’, our original friendly monster who is determined to drag HR in to the 21st century! ‘Demitrie’, our cheeky green Alien who is showing the world that recruitment is an industry heading straight towards much anticipated and needed disruption. And ‘Eight-bit’, our clever yet friendly culture expert who is helping firms to navigate change through people.

Check out our services below, and then see what one of our long term partners has to say about us!


HR4Tech is our out-sourced HR service, where a team of highly experienced and tech savvy HR Professionals help tech firms of all sizes to develop robust and proactive people strategies to help attract, retain and get the most from your team. Everything from culture and engagement to development, reward and recognition to retention strategies, leadership effectiveness and yes, the boring but essential compliance tasks, are covered by our rapidly growing team. With packages starting from as little as £250, doing HR shouldn’t be a ‘nice to have’. With our team, you can do it right. And become a stand out employer as a result.


Recruit2Retain is challenging a major problem in tech head on – high cost recruitment that does nothing to help firms retain people. As average tenure drops and the number of people changing jobs increases, recruitment firms are capitalising on extra placements and enjoying a boom in commission earnings. Paid for by you and the thousands of other aspiring cash strapped tech SMEs.

Our approach to recruitment is different. There’s no commission. We work as partners to supply the short term demands whilst creating a strong foundation on which to help our clients improve their attractiveness as an employer. Helping them to stand out and generate a healthy pipeline of talent to support their ongoing growth. With a model that is significantly cheaper that using recruitment agencies or hiring your own internal Recruitment Manager, we are already enabling tech SMEs to compete in an incredibly challenging and traditionally costly talent market.


Revolution is our change management service. Change management that is focused on people. On culture. On leadership. And on strategy. We bring together our years of experience of delivering truly sustainable and progressive change in all sizes of business and in many different industries, to help digital and non-digital firms alike to grow successfully. Be it the formation of leadership, the development and embedding of culture, the arrival of investors and board members or strategic re-positioning, change all comes down to people. If they’re on-board, you’ve got a good change of taking a sustainable step forward. If not, cracks start to appear that, sooner or later, will rear their ugly head and cause you issues, like delays to delivery, poor engagement, increased staff turnover and a loss of productivity. The Mango Revolution team are already working with a large number of Tech SMEs to help them to navigate change successfully. The journey of change is as important if not more than the destination. So, if you’re not clear on how to navigate that journey, and, crucially, take people with you, we can help.

Mango are different. Mango are personable. Mango are highly experienced and at the cutting edge of people innovations globally.

If you’re not sure about this ‘HR’ thing, we’ll happily buy you a coffee and give you an overview of what it’s all about and how it could make the difference to you and your business.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Olly, CEO of one of our longstanding clients, Bristol based ‘Signable’ has to say:

We are a growing company and had been ‘managing’ HR internally but as I was doing a lot of things, HR just wasn’t a priority, even though it should have been! I was wary of using an external HR company because the vast majority are stuffy, corporate and just don’t fit our culture. Mango fit us perfectly!

They are friendly, down to earth, personable yet also know their stuff! We have been working with Christina and the team for nearly a year and the change has been dramatic and not just the traditional hiring/firing side of HR. We have clear objectives and plans to improve the company via proactive HR. The company is continuing to grow and without Mango we would be struggling!