HRTechWorld: Milo Meets his Match

The end of work as we know it? The robots are coming to get you!
As part of our innovation research, Alison from Mango HR attended the ‘HR TechWorld’ event in Amsterdam to gain some insight into the future of work and find out what Tech advances leading figures in the tech world are predicting will truly disrupt the workplace as we know it. AI, Chatbots and Blockchain were just some of the disruptive and innovative technologies that were the focus for the 2017 show.

Dr. Daniel Thorniley, a leading Global economist and speaker at HR TechWorld predicted that the future of work and the world as we know it today is changing and at a rapid pace. His engaging opening to delegates left the audience in no doubt what it means to live and work in the digital age. He gave clear insight into the technological disruption we face and how it will impact on organisations and the people who work for them. He warned of the need for organisations to embrace change to ensure that they stay one step ahead of the crowd to truly unleash their people.
One of the many highlights of the two-day event included the Start-Up competition. Inspired innovators, who have come up with tomorrow’s solutions today, were able to showcase their cutting-edge ideas and solutions that challenged established ideas.
The five finalists had to pitch for five minutes and then answer tough questions from analysts, vendors, prospective customers and previous winners.
It was no surprise that amongst the line up were a number of entrepreneurs looking to truly disrupt the talent acquisition process as we know it, by using A.I.
One of the stand out finalists was ‘Robot Vera’, an A.I. robot recruiter that helps recruiters with daily HR Tasks, searching the job boards for prospective candidates, calling the candidates to assess them and creating customised email communications. Robot Vera can complete recruitment tasks 10 times faster than humans, and claims to save companies up to 50% of the cost to hire! Vera calls candidates and will ask questions and screen out suitable candidates. Vera also holds video interviews with the best candidates and uses emotion recognition technology as well as being able to conduct conversations in virtual reality. Robot Vera has already been used to undertake 1 million interviews at PepsiCo, reducing their recruitment time for campaigns from 21 hours to 45 minutes! The Vera team brought a real Vera robot to the event!

Also amongst the finalists were ‘Enboarder’, who really wowed delegates, revolutionising the onboarding experience with their engaging, intuitive product. One of the stand out features was the coaching for managers which guides you through the onboarding process assisting you through each step along the way.
On Day 2 of the event, William Tincup, president of provided engaging insight into tackling the essentials of talent acquisition technologies and trends. He gave a download on some of the best tech out there that can help organisations to create a dynamic workforce and what we need to do to “discover how to make your organisation one where ‘love at first sight’ is more than just a dream”. He explained that the emphasis is on how we can streamline processes, remove the pain of those processes, drive down cost and reduce the burden and how emerging technologies would solve that problem for us all!
Some of the standout tech showcased included the use of games-based technology to attract and select the best people from all backgrounds, including ‘Arctic Shores’ and ‘PredictiveHire’, which specialise in predicting future recruitment needs.
We all know that some of our strongest teams are built through referrals and that they are a key source of talent. ‘Simppler’ is a platform that allows an organisation to take control of an employee referral programme from discovery right through to hire using machine learning technology, to proactively source people from your employees’ social media networks. ‘Teamable’ takes that one step further integrating with LinkedIn and engaging referees through gamification and reward.
With the war on talent in the tech sector it’s important to bring jobs to life so prospective hires can have an insight into your culture and brand. ‘VideoMyJob’ allows you to create, edit and share video job ads and customise them to your organisation’s brand.
William pointed out that the best developers don’t polish their CVs but instead contribute to GitHub, post on ‘Stackoverflow’ and compete at ‘Kaggle’. They blog and code! William explained how big data is empowering recruitment with search engines such as ‘AmazingHiring’ being used to gather profiles and online activities that evaluate skills and deliver a precise exhaustive search that surfaces talent.
William also explained how A.I. is increasingly being used to automate time consuming tasks such as screening with platforms such as ‘Ideal’’ and ‘Robot Vera’; the latter went on to win the start-up competition in Amsterdam!
Across the two days we had the opportunity to see some of the technology in action first hand as well as talk to many of the exhibitors and start up finalists. We also attended a similar event in Las Vegas to see how our American counterparts are innovating recruitment and HR tech (more on this next month). If you would like to find out more about some of the innovative tech we are exploring to help overcome the pain of sourcing and hiring and how A.I. may help you improve and reduce the cost of your recruitment, get in touch!
The team had a great time at HR TechWorld, coming away with some fantastic takeaways which we will be sharing with you over the coming months at our Milo Bytes sessions. Even Milo managed to make some new friends!