News and insights from Digital 17 and IPEXPO Europe

We had such a good time at Digital 17 that we wanted to share some of the insights from industry experts as well news of the emerging tech from exciting new start-ups and innovators. There were so many highlights it’s tough to pick our best moments. Here were a few of our favourites from the day:

  • Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino kicked off the event by telling us about the Internet of Things.  She shared with us a number of innovations that have been borne out of IOT where data is being used to fuel better customer decisions. We were really excited about Cup Club which is an innovative firm that provides re-usable coffee cups with chips in that let the cafés and coffee machines know what drink you like and how you like it! What a great idea!  
  • Prof. Dylan Jones-Evans OBE of the University of South Wales shared with us his fascinating insight into the lessons to be learned from the Fast Growth 50 companies.
  • Disability Confident Leaders Do-IT Solutions gave us news about Do-It profiler an online assessment and monitoring system, helping individuals access education and employment overcoming hidden barriers, such as learning difficulties. We could see lots of potential for the application of this in the workplace.
  • We heard from student property search engine, University Cribs, on how to provide a stress-free house hunting service to students, removing the need to trawl through the internet or roam the streets to find the perfect room!
  • We heard from Simply-so ideas about their an online platform supporting the development and growth of early-stage business ideas, which is great news for start-ups!
  • And finally, we were blown away by the concepts presented by Prizsm, an innovative firm radically rethinking and re-engineering data protection.

The evening event on Women in Tech saw numerous dynamic women in the industry talk about how they made the journey to where they are now. We heard from Jaqueline de Rojas (TechUK), Becky Smith (Social Media Officer at Public Health Wales) and Sally Meecham (Chief Digital and Technology Officer at Crown Commercial Service).  

Damon Rands from Wolfberry brought the evening to a close with a fascinating talk on the danger of digital footprints and how they can be used against us. Following the insightful session, there was a chance to quiz the panel and to network over a glass of prosecco and a slice of pizza.

For our part, we brought an eye-catching and colourful stand which told the story of our non-traditional and disruptive approach to HR. We talked about the stages of Mango’s partnership, each stage addressing different needs in different ways depending on where your business is on the journey from seeds to success.




















Our giant teacups stocked with biscuits provided a lovely chance to catch up with old friends and new for a cuppa. A lucky few were able to enjoy a drink with one of our e-mojo cookies, supplied by ooh & aah cookies, which went down a storm.

Two weeks later we were at Europe’s number one enterprise IT event at IPEXPO Europe at ExCel London was a delight for anyone interested in the tech world. Here are a few of our highlights from the two day event.

  • Milo managed to stand out from the crowd and cause quite a stir on the trade floor this year, towering above our exhibition space! Our stand looked amazing and drew people from all over the exhibition. It was a brilliant opportunity for visitors to find out what Mango HR and our “monster” were all about.
  • We arrived by cable-car! Yes, day two provided an opportunity to arrive in style with a wire across into the entrance. Not for the faint hearted but a great start to the day.

  • Sarah was given the inside line on exactly how to use grabber arcade machines by our new heroes at Aerohive Networks. She quickly won four bees to take home  – as you can imagine, their stand created quite a buzz.

Between the team we managed to hear a few of the speakers and some of their industry insights;

  • Prof. Brian Cox packed out the room as the event’s keynote speaker. He talked about artificial intelligence, cyber security as well as a whistle-stop tour around Einstein’s theory of relativity. He wowed the audience with his prediction that, “human brains will be uploaded into machines to let us achieve immortality sooner than you think”! We look forward to finding out if he’s right!
  • Duncan McDonald, from Navisite, explained remote working is predicted to increase by 4% each year. In that context, he went into detail on using Office 365 to collaborate, and what the future of work looks like.
  • Welsh comedian, and one of the first victims of identity theft, Bennett Arron, drew a large crowd on day two. He told both his own story as a victim of fraudsters, and how he himself ended up being arrested during the making of the Channel 4 documentary “How to steal an identity.”

It was a fantastic two days and we came away feeling energised and excited about some of the options available for our customers in the future. We topped off our hard work with a catch-up with old friends in the evening of day one. Certainly no-one went thirsty – the bar seemed to run dry very quickly!

Now that we’re back to business we’re still thinking about what we heard. We already use Office 365 for team collaboration and remote working but we think it’ll become used more as the gig economy grows. We’re big fans of the teams and planner functions – it’s an excellent way to work effectively. What about you? What are you excited about?