Top 3 tips for being a great leader in a Creative and Tech company

In psychology, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ENTJ is used as an abbreviation for the qualities of extraversion, intuition, thinking and judgment – in other words, the skills that a strong leader is expected to embody. Natural leaders are charismatic and confident, projecting their authority in a way that unites people behind a common goal or pursuit.

ENTJs – who make up around 3% of the population – are almost ruthlessly rational in their quest to achieve, but how does this tendency translate into leadership in an industry full of innovative people who tend to be individualists, rather than team players? Here are three top tips for leaders working in a creative and tech company:

  1. Be different from the rest of your team

At Mango HR Group, we use colours to identify behavioural preferences. The C-me Method, asks a series of questions before assigning a colour matching behavioural type:

  • Red – direct, confident, determined, thinks ‘big’
  • Blue – analytical, reflective, realistic, concerned with detail
  • Green – considerate, supportive, team player
  • Yellow – optimistic, friendly, positive, imaginative

In any team in any industry, you’re likely to have a good mix of the above behavioural types. Too many greens, however, and you may find a lack of criticism, while an excess of reds could see your team rush into things.

Whatever dominant behavioural personality you have among your team, as a leader you should try and think in different ways so you’re not all pulling in the same direction and potentially leaving blind spots.

  1. Emphasise teamwork

Whether it’s the failure of sports teams to realise their full potential or clashing personalities causing iconic bands to split up, history is littered with examples of creative partnerships failing because teamwork couldn’t be prioritised.

You should aim to foster an egoless culture within your team; it doesn’t matter who came up with the idea, the important thing is how you work together to enable it to become reality.

  1. Don’t micromanage

Creative and tech-minded people don’t tend to work well under intense supervision. To achieve the best result, it’s often a good idea just to provide them with a creative brief and let them get on with figuring the rest out for themselves.

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