Guest post: What’s wrong with everyone? by Nick Elston

What’s wrong with everyone? Sometimes, just sometimes – it may be you! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news and all that…

One of my heroes is the legendary, late, great Zig Ziglar. Zig was a top class motivational speaker, inspirational leader and had the most amazing US southern drawl you will ever hear! Trust me on that, look him up…

One of my favourite stories from Zig is about the lady from Birmingham, Alabama. This lady, I forget her name now – let’s call her Barbara (not sure where that came from!) – stayed on after one of Zig’s seminars as she thought that he could help her. Barbara was unhappy in her work and thought that everyone in her workplace was rude, dismissive and unfriendly. She also thought that she was underpaid, had no career path and was generally not happy in her professional life. She ranted, raved and squealed at how bad her employers and their company was! Zig then told her “I believe your problems are gonna get worse…they’re gonna fire you!” “Why?” she asked?  “Because I don’t think that there is a company in the land who can contain this much poison in one person.” Shocked – she asked, “What can I do about it?” Zig then continued to ask her to use positive affirmations about her employment – “I like my job because…”;

  • They pay me…well.
  • I like the role.
  • I get 3 weeks holiday.
  • I have life insurance.
  • I have a good pension.
  • I have a nice office.

She listed over 20 things in total.

He then asked her to change ‘like’ to ‘love’ – and to say in the mirror, with enthusiasm “I love my job because…” every night! Sounds wacky, eh? But trust me, this stuff works. I have used positive affirmations loads and it really does help.

This is what happened as the days went on;

  • She slept better.
  • She felt more positive.
  • She went to work with a good frame of mind.
  • She became a positive influence in the workplace.
  • People started to change how they were with her for the better.
  • She became highly regarded by her employers.

6 weeks later – she went back to speak to Zig and said she was doing ‘wonderfully well’ and then said… “You cannot believe how much everyone has changed!” (face palm)

Zig delivers a powerful message  – you can check out the clip hereHis point is clear – you can positively impact your environment – by changing the way that YOU are! Especially if you are a leader of a business or a team of people – you need to constantly check in on yourself and ask yourself if how you are behaving inspires people, sets a great example – or if you could be causing any issues.

A fantastic way of keeping a tab on affirmations is to use an app like Wunderlist, RTM (Remember The Milk), Todoist or any other to do app which has subtasks – put a daily reminder in to remind yourself, every day, to repeat your affirmations.

I hope this has been of use to you – big thanks to the guys at Mango HR Group for allowing me to present my ramblings to you! Find out more about me on my site here.