Mango HR Group goes Digital

Digital 2016, the digital revolution conference of the year, was held in Wales on the 6th and 7th of June, and Mango HR Group were invited to attend. It was a real eye opener, and there was plenty of information for us to take in, so we’ve summarised our favourite parts of the conference to share with you, which will make a positive impact on your people strategy.

Digital transformation

No matter what part they play in your company, and whether their role is tech-related or not, each member of staff needs to be involved in digital transformation. You may wish to incentivise the process, but getting your staff working together on it can be the best way to make these changes happen. With our focus on HR, we asked the experts about the role HR leaders should play in this. They felt that HR should be a key department, right from the start, making sure that everyone involved has the skills and abilities to make digital transformation happen. If it can’t happen internally, get support from an outside company. Keeping the company on track with your digital vision, and the benefits it will bring, should be a HR priority.

Skill availability

Wales remains a great place for those looking for work, particularly those with higher level skills. In 2023, the Welsh government estimate that a million new tech roles will be needed in South Wales alone. The government are doing their part by giving school children every opportunity to fill those roles, and The National Software Academy in Cardiff has set a target to provide 300 graduates per year. Even Welsh universities are on board, teaming up with employers to provide interns and graduates who could fill posts. Employers are being urged to promote themselves as a company which a graduate would want to work for, and make improvements which will draw graduates in from all backgrounds.

Video’s hot

Speakers Martyn Baker from Twitter and Daniel Burlacu from Google both stressed that getting your brand mobile is the future. With so much visual stimulation, video is currently the hot favourite when it comes to getting people’s attention. However, in a world where attention spans are short, it’s got to be a short, punchy video. The same principles apply to recruitment. A short, impactful video to sell your company to prospective employees can be really effective.

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