Our mission

Our mission: To disrupt HR & Recruitment in Tech!

It’s pretty simple really …

Traditional HR and Recruitment providers get a lot of bad press. They’re too reactive. They’re too expensive. They’re a ‘nice to have’.

Well, we’re different.

Not only are we aiming to work with more and more highly aspirational Tech firms, helping them to successfully grow with the aid of a great people plan, we’re also #disrupting an entire industry!

HR isn’t about policies and performance management as some would believe. It’s about truly getting the best from your people and giving them the reasons to stay and help you achieve you aims, playing their part throughout.

And recruitment shouldn’t be about just fulfilling roles for a price. Genuinely value adding recruitment partnerships are just that. Partners who can help you scale your business in a sensible, intelligent and cost effective way.

We prefer Partnership not Commission. Planning not Reacting. Collaboration not Competition.

We want to see UK Tech fulfil it’s potential. And we’re here to help you achieve yours.

What are we talking about?

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Staff handbook – Mini blog

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