About Mango

Mango was born in 2015. ​

From the outset, forming and nurturing our culture has been extremely important to us.​

Many companies often claim they put People First. However increasing pressure and poor leadership often means this doesn’t happen in reality. ​

This is one of the reasons Mango was founded. To genuinely put people at the heart of our business and to work with tech companies that truly believe in our philosophy.​

Our values are not just a list of words, they were perfected with our team and they run through everything we do!

What are we talking about?

Myth buster – cash boosts motivation!

Often businesses rely on incentives like bonuses, and perks, while all the science suggests those don’t work. In fact, scientific research has shown extrinsic rewards (eg bonus payments) to be ineffective for sustainable motivation. Daniel Pink advocates...

Staff handbook – Mini blog

You don’t need a 100 page staff handbook! There’s often confusion about compliance and staff handbooks. We frequently get presented with a 100 page document to review and amend in line with the culture of the company. Our approach? Keep it simple! Once you go the...

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