We are driven by the belief that people, when empowered and enabled, can help firms to Survive and THRIVE in the digital age.


A highly experienced and innovative team of HR Professionals who understand the pains of growth and can help navigate you through them.


Our disruptive, non-commission based approach to recruitment is helping tech firms to stand out from the crowd and attract (and RETAIN!) the best people.


Mango Revolution brings together our years of experience in delivering sustainable change in all sizes of business, and helps you and your team to navigate through it successfully.

What are we talking about?

The ‘Bozo period’: is it an inevitable fact of growth?

‘The bozo what?!’ you’d be justified in asking. A term coined by some of the earliest Engineers that worked for an ambitious start up called ‘Apple’ in Cupertino in the late 1970s, the term ‘bozo period’ referred to the arrival, en masse, of a huge number of new...

Myth buster – cash boosts motivation!

Often businesses rely on incentives like bonuses, and perks, while all the science suggests those don’t work. In fact, scientific research has shown extrinsic rewards (eg bonus payments) to be ineffective for sustainable motivation. Daniel Pink advocates...

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